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Where was Johnny in 2012?

Johnny went to Washington D.C. to Discuss Fiscal Cliff alternatives, i.e. Federal Tax increase on Beer, Wine and Hard Liquor.  Beer has not had any increase since 1991.  Wine and Hard liquor since 1983!!

Washington D.C.
December 11-14, 2012

December 2012

Johnny and others Held a Vigil for Violet, A Homeless Woman Burned while sleeping on a bus bench!

Van Nuys, California
December 28, 2012  - 6:00 PM

Las Vegas, Nevada
November 9,10, 2012

Las Vegas Hotel - (Hilton)

October/November 2012

Las Vegas, Nevada
November 2, 2012  - 7:00 PM

And forever on the World-Wide Web

San Fernando Valley, California

September 17, 2012

And forever on the World-Wide Web

Johnny was a main speaker for a rally and press conference to ask
Fresh & Easy to obey the law  

WHEN?? Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012
AT 11am

WHERE:  At the Fresh & Easy store in Manhattan Beach 1700 Rosecrans Ave., Manhattan Beach

WHY?  John supported the California Legislature and the Governor in passing AB 183 becoming law January 1, 2012, mandating personal assistance in purchasing alcoholic beverages through self-checkout kiosks to ensure that minors and already intoxicated individuals do not purchase alcohol both for their safety and that of the community.

Broadway Dims Lights for Celeste Holm

On July 18th 2012 The Lights dimmed on the Great White Way in honor of my dear friend Celeste Holm who will be greatly missed.

Johnny as Tom Sawyer with Celeste Holm as Aunt Polly in UA’s, “TOM SAWYER” 1973

Johnny was a guest on “Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics” with Sheena Metal and Susan Olsen to discuss Recovery Month and the Politics of Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery.

San Francisco, California

September 5, 2012

Johnny was a guest on NewsTalk 910 on KKSF with Gil Gross.  He discussed his LA Times Article and National Recovery Month.
For a copy of the show click here

July and August 2012

Los Angeles California

September 5, 2012

Johnny gives famed LA TIMES reporter Steve Lopez an interview and discusses his participation in the LA CARAVANA and his apology made to the Mother’s and families of those lost, murdered or otherwise disappeared.

Hollywood, California

August 31, 2012

Johnny was a part of “Int’l Overdose Awareness Day”  where Johnny along with others who have lost loved ones to drug overdose honored their memory in a Political/Action/ Remembrance.near
Michael Jackson’s Star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Johnny Participates in

And “The Movement for Peace and Justice”
Bringing to Light the Lives that have been lost in failed war against drugs in Mexico fueled by the Drug Use in the U.S.

Johnny Appeared with
Rip Taylor at
Hollywood Collector’s Show