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he received the news of his television sister, Mary Anissa Jones (BUFFY) passing from a Drug Overdose. Johnny went back to high school and didn’t continue seeking work in the entertainment field.  Johnny graduated HS then went on to college then on a mission for the LDS Church to Portugal.  Upon his return Johnny had grown up and Hollywood wasn’t happy to see a Grown Up Child Star.  Johnny continued to pursue production and other avenues for employment.  Currently, he works as a Substance Abuse Professional and Advocate while writing, teaching and acting.  For More About Johnny go to ABOUT US.

Johnny is best known for his work as “Jody” in the CBS Television Series, “Family Affair” 1966-1971. He went on to make 5 Walt Disney Films and to Star in the musical “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” 1973.  Johnny went on to Star in his own Saturday Morning Television Series for Sid and Marty Krofft Television in “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters” (NBC 1973-75)  In the summer of 1976

Actor, Director, Child Advocate, Drug Counselor, Advocate for Mental Health &
Substance Abuse Disorders and Prison Reform

The Mission of Paso Por Paso is to support recovery programs and services for the treatment and recovery of individual addicts/alcoholics so that no individual will be deprived of needed substance abuse treatment due to their unique cultural and/or language barriers.  If you know of anyone who needs help and support and/or are interested in an intervention, in English, Spanish or Portuguese, please contact us.

La misión de Paso Por Paso es apoyar programas y servicios de recuperación para el tratamiento y la recuperación de los adictos/alcohólicos individuales para que ninguna persona se verán deprivada de tratamiento necesario del abuso de sustancias debido a las barreras únicas del idioma y cultura.

Si conocen alguien que necesita ayuda y/o apoyo y tal vez este interesado hacer una intervención en ingles, español o portugues contactenos.

“Actor’s Toolkit” Classes & Workshops by JOHNNY WHITAKER

Johnny is teaching his “Actor’s Toolkit” Classes to Children, Teens and Adults.  To find out how to find out when he is coming to your area, please E-mail johnny@johnnywhitaker.com for more information.  Johnny’s classes can also be used to help your organization with fundraisers and corporate “team building skills” it is not only fun and entertaining, but educational as well.  

You & your co-workers and/or your kids can learn from a professional, scene techniques, cold reading, acting and performing for the film/television camera and stage. Techniques that only someone who has DONE it and BEEN there can show you. Even if you aren’t an actor, you will learn “HOW TO ACT”.  You’ll have a fun, entertaining, team building and educational event for all ages and skill levels!!

For more information:  Contact johnny@johnnywhitaker.com

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What’s Happening with Johnny??

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Join Johnny to celebrate RECOVERY MONTH to help Stop Stigma and promote treatment instead of incarceration

Recovery month is almost gone but never forgotten!!  

Join us and/or keep posted for updates on these exciting rallys.  Johnny will be going to Washington D.C. To join in the fight!!!

August 30th - 2015

Johnny and other celebrated the lives  of those who passed from overdose at the Huntington Beach Pier  

Thanks for joining us In Person or In Spirit

August 22nd  - 2015

Johnny was a guest on

He discussed his career as a Child Actor and what’s going on in his life today, especially discussing the events and actions for Recovery Month

Past Actions & Appearances

Johnny attended this first conference  & intervied  world-renown  experts on addiction and treatment.  More to come!!

September 23-25th  2015


The Annual Gala Luncheon in San DiegoAgain a wonderful afternoon had by all

Monday, September 8th
Johnny discussed Recovery Month with
Sheena Metal & Susan Olsen on

THE SHEENA METAL EXPERIENCE & TWO CHICKS TALKIN’ POLITICS - If you missed the show, you can listen to both shows by clicking on each of the shows’ banner.  We had a great time talking about Obama Care & More