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Actor, Director, Child Advocate, Drug Counselor,
Advocate for Mental Health &
Substance Abuse Disorders  and Prison & Jail  Reform


John is currently in Santa Clarita Working on this memoires a short film and preparing for his upcoming Convention  at FAN-X in Salt Lake City, UT  9/21 - 23

Johnny is best known for his work as “Jody” in the CBS Television Series, “Family Affair” 1966-1971. He went on to make 5 Walt Disney Films and to Star in the musical “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” 1973.  Johnny went on to Star in his

Own Television Series for Sid and Marty Krofft Television in “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters” (NBC 1973-75)  
     In the summer of 1976, while on tour for the “Johnny Whitaker Show” starring him and his younger brother and sisters, he received the news of his television sister, Mary Anissa Jones “BUFFY’s” passing from a Drug Overdose.  Johnny went back to high school, graduated, went on to college and then
served a mission for the LDS Church to Portugal.  Upon his return, Johnny had  grown up and Hollywood wasn’t looking for a Grown Up Child Star.  Johnny, however; continued to study and pursue T.V. Film production and other avenues for employment.  
     Currently, he is working on many different projects and works as a Substance Abuse Professional and Advocate while writing, directing teaching and acting.  John is a Certified Addiction Counselor and Advocate.  He is currently working on a Documentary on the Portuguese Drug Policy, while writing his memoirs and completing  co-directing & producing a film  this past year.  If you are interested in having John speak and/or teach Acting.  Please go to the contact page or  e-mail us at

Johnny is back home working
on his memoires &
preparing to go to the SLC
Fan-X Convention

He’s also working on
appearances for the  50th Anniversary
of  Tom Sawyer
if you are interested contact us at

Johnny is coming to the
SaltLake FanXpo

Come visit with Johnny get an autographed photo and reminisce 60 years of Entertaining with him in
Salt Lake City, Utah
September 22nd & 23rd

Mail: of Lives Lost and Lives Recovered&body=Dear Friends:

(  )  I don't have anyone who has passed due to OD or Alcohol, but I would like to join you in support of Lives Lost and Lives Recovered please send me the Zoom link.

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Get information on Johnny’s Non-Profit Organization
Paso Por Paso

Thank all of you who joined us for our Zoom Celebration presented by
Paso Por Paso, Inc.
We will have a copy of the recorded

Celebration ASAP

Johnny’s “THE ACTOR’S TOOL KIT” Classes & Seminars

Johnny loves teaching his Actors Toolkit Classes to Children, Teens and Adults.  To find out how to find out when he is coming to your area, please keep up with this page for more information.  Johnnys classes can also be used to help your organization with fundraisers and corporate team building skills it is not only fun and entertaining, but educational as well.  You & your co-workers and/or your kids can learn from a professional; scene techniques, cold reading, acting and performing for the film/television camera and stage. Techniques that only someone who has DONE it and BEEN there can show you. Even if you arent an actor, you will learn HOW TO ACT.  Youll have a fun, entertaining, the building and educational event for all ages and skill levels!! For more information:  Contact us at or click here to send an e-mail directly  

A great interview of Johnny on  Mad Dog Radio WWTF

Johnny on another great interview from
DOWN UNDER!! (Australia)
Mad Dog Radio WWTF

Johnny Whitaker  imdb page

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